How to manage directory pointers for your Hosting package



Step 1 - Login to your Account Manager

a.  Open a Web browser (e.g., Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, etc.)

b.  Type in the address line then press the enter key.

c.  Click on Manager Account in the upper right corner, then Log in with your User ID and password.


Step 2 - Click on nsHosting, from left navigational bar

    If you have one hosting package, go to step 4

If you have more than one hosting package, Click the package the domain is associated with that you want to edit the directory pointer.


Step 3 - Under the Web Hosting Details scroll to the Manage Hosting Domains & Sub Domains section, locate the Web Address section



Step 4 - Find the domain name you wish to change the directory to the right of the domain click Edit


Step 5 - Use the drop down to the right of the domain to point to a directory in your site or Add directory not listed and click Select

                  If adding a new directory, select Add Directory not listed and click Select

Step 6 - Type the name of the new directory after htdocs/ click Select


Step 7 - Review and confirm your settings and click Continue

You will get a confirmation page, verifying that your domain name has been redirected.


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