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Today's Documents

The purpose and intent of this site is provide samples, mehtodology, strategy and our concept for our approach in delivering documentation to your business. Today's documents are more complex because it is critical that documents are maintained, user friendly access, version control, security to ensure the validity of the content. Requirements and client expectations is always the first step to get started. Continued status reports throughout the project and a standardized document development life cycle is essential to ensure these components are met. Although we are not able to include all our successful work due to the security and proprietary information of our clients, we share here standards developed regarding Global DesignIT for your review.

Documentation is at the core of any successful organization. We document 'as is' processes and recommend process improvements. Documentation can come in many forms and medias.

Our specialty and experience is technical writing, which means various types of documentation from complex application documentation (including security application and interface workflows, disaster recovery) to training presentations, user guides, policy & procedures. This site will give some examples but can not give you the depth of our experience and quality of work. We understand the importance of 'scope of work' and understand there are times when there is not a defined scope of work. Many times it is our job to identify, propose and deliver customized documentation according to the business needs. At times it may be straight forwared where clients have determined requirements, scope, budget and resources. In all cases we understand each business has their own standards and require customized service.

Products can include Learning Guides, Service Manuals, Help Systems, databases and more. Here you will find out information how we go about developing documents. There is a process involved to ensure quality, timelines and expected delivery is met. To view process, click here.

Software Development Life Cycle is used for development documents and websites. Standards are important for todays development, not only for visual but efficiency in maintenance and marketing. GDIT follows standards as well as develops standards where non exist.

Content Management is essential for growing businesses and organizations. Once we set up your system, we train your staff and deliver a user friendly process on how to maintain your customized content management system.

GDIT's Approach for Developing Documentation

Scenario: A potential client (large or small corporation or organization) desires to have a centeralized repository for their growing business. The company server and email is used to share documents.

Issue: Version control, locating documents easily has become a challenge

We have been asked to assist, we assess the business needs as follows to come to a solution.

Following are the steps GDIT takes:

Step 1 - Gather requirements

  • Type of media
  • Begin with the end in mind - purpose of project
  • Content management system (if yes, see CM process)
  • Timeline

Step 2 - Who is your audience

Step 3 - Security (who will have access, identify authorized users)

  • Who will handle maintenance and updates once project is delivered
  • Who shall be authorized to approve and maintain changes

Step 4 - Resources

Step 5 - Budget

Step 6 - Define scope of work

Step 7 - Approval process for scope of work

  • This should be close to the information gathering in Step 1
  • If no approval, go back to Step 1 through 7
  • If yes, continue with Step 8

Step 8 - Develop draft docomentation

Step 9 - Client approval

Step 10 - Reports - status and timeline reports

Step 11 - Implement/Production

Step 12 - Training

Delivery Learning media can be specific to an individual or any size of an audience. Learning can consist of one type of learning media or any blended approach can be taken based on logistics or learning styles.

Performance Analysis - Quantifying performance is one of the best ways to increase human resources' effectiveness and efficiency.